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Riverside Animal Hospital North

Veterinarians wrapping up the leg of a small, white dog

Emergency Veterinary Care

Riverside Animal Hospital North offers emergency veterinary care during regular hours.

If you have a veterinary emergency, please call us at (212) 865-2224 or head to our hospital. Please do not email us for emergency care.

How to Tell if Your Pet is Having an Emergency:

Not all pet injuries and illnesses require emergency vet services. However, if your pet is experiencing any one of the below pet health emergency symptoms, please call or visit our animal hospital right away:

  • Not breathing or visibly struggling to breathe

  • Unresponsive or unable to rouse

  • Obvious broken bone

  • A visible, deep, open wound with excessive bleeding or visible bone

  • Anaphylactic shock

  • Heatstroke

  • Unable to get up after collapsing

  • Gums or tongue are either bright red or blue

  • Bite or sting from a venomous snake or insect or that is causing a severe reaction

  • Bite from a stray animal or any animal whose vaccination history is unknown

  • Sudden paralysis of the back legs, particularly in cats

  • Seizures that last longer than a couple of minutes or multiple seizures in a row, or the first seizure in your pet

Monitor Equipment in Clinic

What to do in a Pet Emergency

If your pet is currently experiencing an emergency, follow these steps to keep your pet safe and give them the best possible chance at a full recovery:

  1. Remain as calm as possible. If you panic, you may forget something or even cause your pet to feel more stressed and scared than they probably already are.

  2. If your pet is in an unsafe location, such as in the road or near a dangerous animal, carefully move them to a safe spot. Try not to move your pet more than is absolutely necessary, as too much movement may worsen their injuries.

  3. Contact us at (212) 865-2224 right away. Let us know what is going on with your pet so that we know what to expect when you arrive.

When in doubt, take your pet straight to our hospital. We can help you assess the situation and make sure that your pet gets the care they need.

For After-Hours Emergencies

Riverside Animal Hospital North offers emergency veterinary care during regular hours only. For after-hours emergency care, please refer to:

BluePearl Pet Hospital Midtown NYC

410 W 55th St

New York, NY 10019

T: (212) 767-0099


Veterinary Emergency Group

1215 2nd Avenue

New York, NY 10065

T: (212) 223-3500


Schwarzman Animal Medical Center

510 E 62nd Street

New York, NY 10065

T: (212) 838-8100

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